Unsecured Business Acquisition Loans

Don’t wait for growth just to “happen”. Drive the process by acquiring other businesses and assets.

With an unsecured business acquisition loan, you’ll have the injection of funding your company needs to expand.

Get fast funding for your business through Business Loans.

Unsecured Business Acquisition Loans

Getting the best loan offer

Benefit from our expertise in finding South African businesses the most competitive loan offers. This includes offers for unsecured business acquisition loans, up to a value of R6 million.

We work with an extensive network of trusted lenders to find you the best loan offer and to facilitate the process.

There’s no requirement for collateral. There’s no need for office visits. And the process is fast and secure – so your business can exploit time-sensitive opportunities and focus on growth.

What is an unsecured business acquisition loan?

A business acquisition loan is finance that a company can leverage to buy another business enterprise or to purchase assets that support expansion.

This can be a key to unlocking business growth potential. It can empower your company to operate at a new level, with increased market share and boosted profitability.

Who can apply for this loan type?

Any established South African business with healthy turnover may qualify for funding to support an acquisition.

Depending on the loan provider, a minimum annual turnover (often set at R1 million).

Finance for business acquisition: how to apply

At Business Loans, our strength is in making it smoother and easier for South African businesses to secure funding. We have developed processes that are paperless, efficient and fast – and designed to secure the best available agreement for your business needs.

Apply online

Simply submit our online application form, with details of the required loan amount and your company’s annual turnover.


Speak to a loan manager

One of our specialised loan managers will respond promptly, requesting any needed documents and explaining what you can expect, so there are no surprises.


Review a funding offer

We’ll provide the best available offer from a network of trusted lenders. Once you’re ready to proceed, a loan agreement will be prepared.


Receive funding

Once an agreement is approved and signed, the loan amount is transferred directly to your business account via EFT.


Repay the funds over time

Leverage the funding immediately to complete a business purchase. Then make payments at the agreed intervals, while your business continues to benefit from its acquisition.

Apply online to get an unsecured business acquisition loan in South Africa. Our processes are fast, straightforward and professional.