Business Equipment Finance in South Africa

At Business Loans, we offer business equipment finance in South Africa.

Our specialised business equipment funding makes it possible to acquire equipment, machinery or electronics for your business, while preserving capital.

Get the equipment your business needs now – without having to invest a hefty sum of upfront capital. Instead, spread the costs over a period of time, in line with the time it takes to realise the equipment’s value.

Our funding services are quick, efficient and professional, and we’re here to assist you each step of the way.

Apply online for equipment finance for your business.

Business Equipment Finance in South Africa

What is business equipment finance?

Business equipment finance is funding specifically for obtaining business equipment. This can include almost any tangible asset your business needs, aside from real estate.

For example, organisations use equipment finance to obtain updated technology, machine tools, production equipment, office furniture, loadshedding solutions, construction machinery, business vehicles and more. See more examples below.

Having the right equipment may help your business boost efficiency, add value and improve or expand its services. This can translate directly to business growth, with increased profitability and better security for staff.

Benefits of business equipment finance with us

  • Up to R6 million in funding
  • No security required
  • Funding within 24 hours
  • Flexible terms
  • No office visit needed
  • Re-advances available.

Business Loans is an independent loan facilitator that specialises in helping established businesses secure funding for growth. Our funding model is designed to cut out red tape – making it easier for companies (including small businesses) to access the funds they need to grow.

We offer a fast, hassle-free, online application process – and typically provide funding within as little as 24 hours after approval.

How business equipment finance can help your business

Equipment funding could help your business grow through improved and expanded or new services.

It could also make it possible to exploit a time-sensitive opportunity – from taking on a lucrative tender or project to acquiring equipment that’s being sold at a bargain price.

The average business may encounter growth opportunities at a number of different moments. The right funding can be critical in preventing these opportunities from passing you by.

Requirements for accessing business equipment finance

To qualify for finance for equipment, your business must:

  • be a registered company in South Africa
  • have been operating for 12 months or longer
  • have made R1 million in sales in the past year.

Unfortunately, we can’t assist with business loans for start-ups.

Examples of equipment that can be financed

We offer finance for any business equipment that requires capital expenditure, from factory machines through to DJ equipment.

Among many other types of equipment funding, we offer:

  • farm equipment financing
  • audio equipment financing
  • textiles equipment financing
  • logging equipment financing
  • manufacturing equipment financing
  • construction equipment financing.

No matter what type of business you have, it’s worth considering expanding your offering and growing your business with capital equipment financing.

How to apply for business equipment finance

Traditionally, business loans are complicated and time-consuming. We’ve worked hard to ensure our application process for securing a business loan is fast and straightforward.

Apply online

To start, simply fill out and submit our online application form. Our entire process is paperless.


Speak to a loan manager

One of our specialised loan managers will get in contact to discuss an equipment loan and what you can expect, so there are no surprises.


Submit financial statements

You will need to submit business financial and bank statements for the last six months so we can verify the business’s turnover.


Agree to the proposal

Based on your financials and needs, we will offer a loan amount and propose an agreement.


Receive funding

Once the agreement is approved and signed, the loan amount is transferred directly into your account via EFT.


Make regular payments

You acquire equipment for your business as soon as you’re ready. Then repay the funds through regular payments at the agreed intervals, while the equipment continues to yield business benefits.

Apply online to get business equipment finance in South Africa in under 24 hours. Our processes are fast, straightforward and professional.