Sales of R 1 million or more in the last 12 months, then APPLY NOW !

NO START-UP businesses ! ( No Business less than 12 months old)

Need A Fast Business Loan In South Africa or Namibia?

No Start-Ups (No Business less than 12 months old)


Need some business fuel? Unsecured business finance for small business loans in South Africa is here!
If you are looking for small business funding, funding for a business, working capital loans, SME funding, SMME funding, business finance options, private business loans, funds for small business, business investors, company funding, purchase order funding or invoice discounting finance, apply now for fast and flexible business loans.

Business Finance of R 50 000 to R 1 million within 3 days, no security required

Use the business loan money to factor invoices, expand your business, buy new assets, settle debt, pay VAT, pay a deposit, pay tax, purchase a vehicle, buy out a partner or for any purpose.
If you have sales of R 1 million in the last 12 months, apply for a business loan now and submit 6 months bank statements after a loan manager has called you to get your business loan, fast.
The main criteria are regular cash flow through your bank account; ideally from credit card sales, EFTPOS or regular payments into your bank account (other conditions apply).
Private business loans are aimed at SMME’s with strong cash flow.

Loans for businesses made easy

Whether you use our small business loan service, big business funding service or are looking for a commercial loan, short term loan, long term loan, working capital loan, loan finance, revolving business credit, unsecured business finance, business bridging finance, secured business loan, franchise business loan, franchisee loan or any other type of business finance, we have access to many sources of finance. If you’re looking for business loans online in South Africa, the application process is very simple.

The application process:

  • Submit the APPLY NOW enquiry form on this site
  • A loan manager will call you
  • Submit 6 months bank statements and completed application form
  • A business loan assessment is done
  • A credit loan is proposed and agreed to
  • The business loan funds are transferred to your bank account
  • You then pay back the agreed amount each day or week, until the working capital loan is settled
Please Note: We are not able to assist Start-Up businesses

Some Examples:

Restaurant Business

The business was trading well and had been in existence for just over 12 months.
Most payments by customers were made by credit card.
The owner needed to upgrade his kitchen to ensure he met the seasonal demand.
He also had some creditors pressing for payments.
He applied for a R 300 000 unsecured loan based on his credit card sales and a 6 month unsecured business loan was granted.
The kitchen was upgraded and the creditor was paid.
He is paying back his loan by weekly debit order.

Courier Company

Established 18 months earlier and was growing at a rapid rate.
The owner signed a property lease for 3 years.
He needed to upgrade the IT systems to cope with a new distribution contract he had secured.
A large portion of his payments was made via a portable payment POS credit card machine.
The lender assessed transactions going through his credit card account and granted an R 100 000 loan in 3 days.
Repayment was by daily debit order.
Repayments were negotiated to be at 10% of the daily sales.

Retail Business & Communications Shop

The business had been trading for 15 months in a shopping centre.
The shopping centre had recently been upgraded and so the owner needed to upgrade the shop décor.
Within 3 days of submitting all supporting documents the R 50 000 loan was granted.
Repayment is by 26 weekly debit orders.

Health Boutique

A national chain of health boutiques was upgrading many of its outlets and needed R 500 000.
A large portion of sales was made by credit card / EFT POS.
After a little negotiation, a loan of R 1.5 million was granted.
Repayment is by weekly debit order.

Warehousing and Distribution

The company had been trading for more than 3 years.
Contracted clients made regular monthly payments by EFT into the bank account.
They needed a deposit to rent a new warehouse and applied for a loan.
An R 500 000, the unsecured loan was approved in 5 working days.


If you have regular cash flow ….you have a good chance of securing a business loan!

Terms and Conditions

  • is an independent loan facilitator.
  • We are not qualified to give advice but submit your application to lenders that are.
  • Loans are not automatically granted and assessed on various risk and repayment criteria.
  • The Enquiry Form on this site has set of basic questions which enable the lender to assess the risk and make a high-level decision, on whether they can take the application forward.
  • When submitting the Enquiry Form, your application is submitted directly to the lender.
  • The lender will call for more information to verify the information you submit.
  • All loans are granted at the sole discretion of the lender.
  • The lender pays our fee.
  • Please ensure all requested documentation is submitted, to ensure quick processing.
  • Interest on loans: Equivalent of  4.17 % per month
Implications of non-payment :

  • Financial implications: Interest is accrued at a lending rate of 4,17 % per month plus legal costs
  • Collection practices: All non-payment loans will be handed over to attorneys for collection. Legal costs will be for the borrower’s account
  • Impact to borrowers credit score: Defaulting borrowers will be added to the Credit Bureaus records and will be negatively rated
  • Renewal Policy: The renewal of any loan will not be automatic and will be at the lender’s sole discretion. New or renewals will attract the same fees as the original loan ie 4.17 % per month

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