Purchase Order Funding in South Africa

Don’t turn down new or higher volume orders because of worries about upfront capital.

Businesses need new projects to thrive and grow.

At Business Loans, we offer fast, straightforward purchase order funding in South Africa. This means your business can get the capital it needs to fulfil orders, to specifications and on time. So say “yes” to new or larger requests and grow your business.

Get fast purchase order financing for your business through Business Loans.

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Getting the best purchase order funding offer

At Business Loans, we specialise in getting the best possible funding offers for businesses – including purchase order funding up to R6 million.

Once your company has received a formal purchase order, submit it to us and we’ll do the work. We’ll secure the most attractive offer from a network of trusted lenders.

Our focus is on making it extremely quick, easy and secure to get the funding you need.

What is purchase order funding?

Purchase order funding (or PO funding) bridges the gap between receiving an order and getting paid for your products or services.

This makes it possible to fulfil orders you’d otherwise have to turn down. It ensures your business can pay suppliers and other costs so it can deliver on orders, to specs and on time.

Who qualifies for funding?

A purchase order is a formal document authorising a purchase of goods or services from a business.

Any registered, tax-compliant business that has a signed, legally binding purchase order can apply for finance through us.

More favourable offers are likely if the client responsible for the order and proposed suppliers are established and credit-worthy.

What you can (and can’t) use PO funding for

This type of finance is designed to cover expenses associated directly with fulfilling an order.

For example, this includes supplies your business needs to satisfy an order, for goods or specific services. The lender usually pays your suppliers directly. It may also cover additional labour requirements.

To cover general expenses related to running your business (such as rent, standard salaries or tax obligations), you’d need a different type of business loan.

How much does PO funding cost?

The cost of this type of funding is calculated as a percentage of the purchase order amount. (The percentage will vary from lender to lender). This is a fixed fee.

Typically, there are no additional costs.

How to apply for purchase order funding

We ensure that the process is fast and efficient – and there are no monthly payments. Pay back the funds only once your business gets paid.

Apply online

Simply fill out and submit our online application form, with details of your purchase order. Our entire process is paperless and there’s no need for an office visit.


Speak to a loan manager

One of our specialised loan managers will respond promptly, requesting any needed documents and explaining what you can expect, so there are no surprises.


Review a funding offer

We’ll provide the best available purchase funding offer from a network of trusted lenders. Once you’re ready to proceed, we’ll facilitate an agreement.


Receive funding

Once an agreement is approved and signed, the loan amount is transferred directly to your business account via EFT.


Repay only once you get paid

Pay back the lender only after your client pays for the completed order.

Apply online to get purchase order funding in South Africa. Our processes are fast, straightforward and professional.