business loans in johannesburg

We find companies the best offers of business loans in Johannesburg.

As an independent loan facilitator, our focus is exclusively on making it easier for South African businesses to get the funding they need. We find businesses the ideal funding solutions so they can thrive and grow – and we streamline the process, making it fast and easy.

Getting you the best unsecured loan in Johannesburg

We work with an extensive network of trusted lenders to find the best available loan offers to suit your needs. This network includes big banks, niche banks, business development agencies, private lenders and more.

Our funding providers offer business loans of up to R6 million. See our Unsecured Business Loans page for more details about how the loans work and which businesses are eligible.

We don’t charge our clients for our services. The loan providers pay our fees.

Some of the ways Jo’burg businesses use our loans

A diverse range of established Johannesburg businesses use the funding we facilitate to bridge gaps and exploit lucrative opportunities.

For example, clients use our loans to:

The right funding, at the right time, can be critical for growth and long-term business success.

The difference between secured and unsecured loans

By the same token, a poor loan decision can be crippling. To prevent our business loans from falling in this category, we facilitate agreements only with well-trusted lenders and apply our own loan eligibility requirements. (Ultimately, these requirements protect borrowers as well as lenders).

Secured loans are loans you secure using some form of collateral. For example, a business might use an asset like property or equipment, or even pawn a vehicle, to get this type of funding. It’s understood that if the business defaults on the loan, the asset may be forfeited.

Unsecured loans, like those we facilitate for our clients, don’t involve the use of collateral.

This makes them suitable for a broader range of South African and Jo’burg businesses, including those that:

  • don’t have high-value tangible assets (for example, because they’re service-oriented)
  • aren’t comfortable using business assets as loan security.

Contact us at Business Loans for more information about business loans in Johannesburg or simply apply online, for fast, effective funding. We’ll facilitate the process, ensuring the best possible funding solution for your business, at no additional cost to you.

Get an unsecured business loan in less than 24 hours.

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