Sales Targets This Festive Season

The Festive season brings with it a massive opportunity to exceed your turnover goals for the year with a huge uptick in trade over the holidays. People are in high spirits and in the mood to spend money but the massive influx of orders or people demanding your services can also shatter the nerves of even the steeliest business owners! Here’s how to stay calm and not feel overwhelmed by the festive season trade.

Look at previous years data 

The best thing you can do to prepare for festive season trade is by analysing sales data from previous years. What days were important for trade? Which products or services did customers buy most in previous years? However, don’t solely rely on history to fully prepare your business for a busy festive season. You should also look at the existing market and trends as well in case a new product is performing particularly well this year. This way you can be fully ready with stock and staff for a successful few weeks of trade.

Manage Shareholder’s Expectations 

What targets have your shareholders or investors set for trade over the festive season? This should always be your starting point when budgeting and planning for the festive season. Ensure your stock levels are high enough that your targets can actually be met. Ensure you will have enough staff on hand to cope with an increase in trade. Have your logistics plans in order with a plan b in case plan a doesn’t work out. Be prepared and you’ll always stress less!

Pre-empt Customer Expectations 

It’s always better to be prepared and proactive as opposed to being reactive. Ask yourself what service your customers expect over the Festive period. Some examples include:

  • Fast shipping when placing online orders
  • Clear cut off dates for last orders to get delivery in time for Christmas
  • Receiving the correct items when ordering online
  • Friendly in-store service
  • Staff on hand to answer questions or look for stock
  • Staff in store readily available to answer phone queries

Another big one this year as the 4th wave of Covid-19 infections batters South Africa is making sure your customers feel safe. Have sanitiser easily accessible and enforce mask-wearing and social distancing in store.

Where you can offer value-added services such as a courier company offering contactless delivery or as a restaurant, wiping down all tables and chairs before seating patrons. It’s the little things that go a long way.

There you have it, our top tips for hitting those festive season targets, even as we face yet another Covid Christmas.

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