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NO START-UP businesses ! ( No Business less than 12 months old)

Why an unsecured business loan is the best option for your business

If you’re a South African business owner, you may have investigated small business loans as a source of financing to purchase new inventory and machinery or to expand your business.

Traditional lenders, such as banks, generally require some form of collateral for the business loan, such as; property, or assets to obtain the financing.

Many small businesses in South Africa don’t have access to collateral to guarantee a loan, and so their applications are rejected.

We have just the solution! Unsecured Business Loans are the best option for businesses in South Africa wishing to obtain finance without collateral.

Here is a list of reasons why an unsecured business loan is the best option for your business

  • Easy to obtain: Unsecured business finance is the easiest financing option available, as it does not require the business owner to provide any form of collateral, making them far easier to obtain. Your business just needs sales of R 1 million or more in the last 12 months to qualify and 6 month’s bank statements to assess the application. Typically, unsecured business loans offer a much faster and simpler application process making them an easy, timesaving and effortless way to for businesses to receive the financing that they need to grow their business.
  • Faster approval turnaround: The best unsecured business loans take only 3-days to approve, so you don’t have stressful, lengthy waits to discover if you have been accepted or rejected. Don’t wait a month for an answer, apply for an unsecured business loan now and receive the best business loan to finance your business in 3 only days.
  • Loan amounts: Loans advances are from R 50 000 to R 1,5 million.
  • Fewer documents are required to submit: Applying for unsecured business loans is the best option for businesses who do not want to have to submit loads of documents. The only documents that are necessary for an unsecured business loan for the initial assessment are to fill in the short online enquiry form, a basic application form and 6 months bank statements. Get the best business finance now – Click here.
  • No security required for unsecured business loans: While traditional lenders require security before they will approve a loan, unsecured business loans do not, which makes this financing option the easiest application and the best option for business loans. Do you need to develop your business or solve a cash flow problem – apply for an unsecured business loan now!

If your South African business needs :

  • quick business funding
  • without a lengthy application processes
  • nor having to pledge security


  • your sales are more than R 1 million in the last 12 months
  • you have a clean credit record
  • and regular cash flow

then apply here for quick results.

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