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NO START-UP businesses ! ( No Business less than 12 months old)

Why a Business Needs Unsecured Lines of Business Credit

We have all heard the saying, ‘it takes money to make money’, which rings true to many small business owners alike, especially during lengthy business expansions. However, most business owners will admit that access to instant lines of capital is not always easy to come by. With these two factors at play, applying for unsecured business credit can be a fundamental step for any business owner to consider.

Here are some of the primary benefits of unsecured business credit and how they can help your business:

Applying for unsecured business credit requires no form of collateral, assets or security

Business expansions can be stressful at the best of times and are often high risk for the business owners. One of the most important benefits of unsecured credit is that it requires no form of collateral, security or tangible assets, alleviating the stress and reducing your risk, which protects you as the business owner and your business.

To apply for an unsecured line of credit all that you require is turnover of R1 million pa and 6 months bank statements, a clean credit record. It’s simple, easy and effective. Apply for an unsecured line of business credit now.   

Only pay the monthly repayments when the unsecured business loan is in use

Unsecured business loans do not stipulate the type of business or how the money should be used

Unlike secured business loans where you are required to present a lengthy business plan and stipulate how and where the finance will be used, unsecured business loans are for any type of business ( except money lending ), if they meet the minimum requirements (R1 million turn over per annum), or stipulate where and how the money should be used. You may use the finance to purchase more assets, pay debt or tax, expand your business or any other business-related activities.

As you can see the benefits of an unsecured line of credit for business are stacked up for business owners who are looking for fast (only a 3-day waiting period for approval), risk-free capital.

Choose the preferred business credit line for business owners. Apply for an unsecured line of credit today:

Apply if:

  1. Income of R 1 million per annum or more…
  2. No security available
  3. Clean Credit record.
  4. 6 months bank statements.
  5. Consistent Cash flow.

To apply for an unsecured line of business credit click here