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Business Finance of R50k to R3million within 1 day, no security required.


Use the business loan money to factor invoices, expand your business, buy new assets, settle debt, pay VAT, pay a deposit, pay tax, buy out a partner or for any other purpose. If you have sales of over R1million in the last 12 months, apply for a business loan now and submit 6 months bank statements after a loan manager has contacted you, to get a loan fast.

Loans For SMME's Made Easy!

 Whether you use our small business loan service, big business funding service or are looking for a commercial loan, short term loan, long term loan, working capital loan, revolving business credit, unsecured business finance, business bridging finance, secured business loan, franchise business loan, franchisee loan or any other type of business loan, we have access to many sources of finance. If you’re looking for business loans online in South Africa, the application process is easy.

Business Loan Application Process

  • Submit the application form on this website
  • A loan manager will contact you
  • Submit 6 months bank statements and a completed application form
  • A business assessment is done
  • A credit loan is proposed and agreed to
  • Business loan funds are transferred to your bank account
  • You pay back the agreed amount each day or week until the working capital loan is settled.


Implications of non-payment:

Financial implications: interest is accrued at a lending rate of 4,17% per month plus legal costs. 

Collection practices: All non-payment loans will be handed over to attorneys for collection. Legal costs will be for the borrowers account. 

Impact on borrowers credit score: Defaulting borrowers will be added to the Credit Bureaus records and be negatively rated. 

Renewal Policy: The renewal of a loan will not be automatic and will be at the lenders sole discretion. New loans or renewals will attract the same fees as the original loan.

Further loans: You can apply for a further advance from week 13 of your business loan agreement.